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April 07, 2009


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That deconstructed banana cream pie sounds so yummy! I much prefer ice cream to pie so this is right up my alley. Great job!!


You're wild. With food. I have enough energy just to finish the assigned recipe, and here you are developing mock banana cream pie ice cream. Love it! You should start selling that. I like that even more than the pie! Love the tarts too - I made small pies, but your tarts are beautiful!


Your blog looks adorable AND so do your pies! Nice Job!!!


I love the deconstructed pies, what a great idea! I'm expecting any day to pop over here and read about the fantastic restaurant that you're starting up. Seriously, the food that you make always looks so good and so professional. I'm so glad that you liked this week's pick.


The ice cream looks absolutely delicious!! And the pies are simply adorable!

Sarah Schoolcraft

I love the mini tarts idea! And the ice creams looks amazing, as well. I was also surprised by how much I loved this pie. Bananas in pie--who knew they'd go together so well?? :-)


Oh my! I have gone into sugar shock! Everything looks amazing!! Great job this week!! I can't wait to try this now!! Glad you loved it!


Banana cream pie is SO GOOD! And I love these ice creams you created. I'll have to try this -- maybe caramel ice cream, too!


I'm so sorry I missed your boyfriend's little dance! Your ice cream sundae is amazing -- what a wild and wonderful thing to do with all the "pieces" of the pie.


It all just looks fabulous. The pie, the ice cream, the.... can I have some, please?


Lots of dancing going on at your place this week! I'll have to look for red bananas. And your deconstructed ice cream sounds delicious!

Nancy (n.o.e.)

Good gracious Teanna, you really ran with the theme this week! How cool that you found a new favorite Dorie recipe (and that Dorie got to read about it, too!)


I was super excited about this pie too! If I had made the full size, I would have ended up eating the whole thing. Your tarts look amazing!


I don't know what I want to dive into first -- the mini tarts or the ice cream sundae! All I know is that I would have been in big, big trouble had I been in your kitchen this week. And it would have taken SOME kind of dancing to burn off all of the banana cream pie & ice cream goodness that I would have consumed.


Oh...your mini-minis looks so cute!

This is a fab recipe and one I will make again and again!


So cute and creative. All that ice cream would be dangerous for me, too. I have been known to sneak spoonfuls of ice cream from the freezer when I am making dinner and no one is looking.


I love banana cream pie! Your tarts look fantastic, and the sundae sounds great too.


Amazing! Love what you did with it. I'm horrible at pie crust, so I will need to try out Dorie's pie crust recipe for sure!


Ice cream and tarts? You go girl!! I really like this recipe and now i think i'm going to have to make your ice cream, it sounds sooooo good!


You are so creative! Both the tarts and sundae are brilliant!

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