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March 10, 2009


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Hilarious! I'm so glad I've stumbled onto your blog lately, I've really been enjoying your posts. You were definitely one of the few who enjoyed the custard cups but I'm glad you did. Blueberry and lemon actually sounds like a delicious combination.


Yeah! So glad this worked for you! I didn't even attempt it.


Well of course you liked this - you completely overhauled the recipe. Way to go!


I'm glad someone else liked this recipe too!


Grand Marnier sounds great!! And the berries look perfect...


You went crazy on this one, my friend, and wow, what a great finished product! See, I don't have the creativity (or the talent) to do what you did here. It looks awesome, even if clafoutis really DOES sound like a dreaded disease.


Im glad you liked it..I made mine into little tarts.


I did not like this custard poop. But im glad I attempted to make it.
And you my dear rocked the custard! Love the little additions!


I am glad you liked this one. Love the changes you made. I love your site look too!! So fun!


I love the changes you made--it looks fabulous! I'd happily eat that. Love the new site design!


First of all, I LOVE the new template. Tres awesome. And second, this is a great, great idea. Love the photos, and it looks like everything was delicious. And finally, I'm going to try your deconstructed eggplant this week. Looks to good to let go!


New template rock! So does your custard - what a great addition! Very creative - I loved the custard! Glad you liked it - I like the way you think out of the box with substitutions and "additions"! Nicely done!


I knew I should have gone with my limoncello idea! Alcohol makes everything better! Wait, that doesn't sound right...


Sounds like you had fun experimenting this week! I love the new design--great header, and all the little sporks everywhere. =)

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Oooh, pretty! They look great, and I love the changes you made!


glad you liked it! i like your idea to add the grand marnier + blueberries... must have been delicious :)


LOVE your blog layout now - I have just written them myself for a bloggy makeover!

As for your yummy disease - don't go spreading it. :)


Love your new look. (Will you tell me who did it, please, pretty please with some chocolate on top?!) ;)
Way to take a poopy dessert and make it delicious, disease and all. (I thought the same thing first time I heard cloufitus--I can't even spell it!)


First of all, I love,love, love your new theme. It's wonderful.

Secondly, I love your changes to the recipe. Alcohol is always good. :P

Kelly D

Very creative with add-ons and changes. Grand marnier was an inspired choice.

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