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March 03, 2009


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Wow, you cake looks brilliant! The buttercream . . . the roll. I'm sorry it didn't do it for you guys. To my great surprise, the prunes didn't bother me. They didn't completely disappear, but they were relatively unobtrusive. I am not 100% sure they are needed at all, though. Oh well - I guess we can't love them all!


And that, my friend, is the exact reason why I left those dastardly prunes out of a perfectly good cake!


I love the roll cake. How very cool. The prune-armagnac buttercream sounds delicious. I actually like prunes.


Ok - THAT is very cool! I love the roll. A jelly roll cake is something I've never done, and always wanted to. Love the idea! I liked the prunes myself, but couldn't find Armagnac anywhere and used Cognac. That's a really neat idea.... I love it when people think outside the box. Or outside the cake. Nice work!


Well no one can blame you for not trying :), your cake looks great!

I actually really like prunes but that wasn't enough for me to make this cake ;)


Wow beautiful roll cake, I never would have thought of doing that. I don't like prunes but thought they added a nice texture to this cake


Very cool looking cake! I'll eat it! I actually like prunes. Go figure.

Tangled Noodle

This looks perfectly delicious to me! I don't find prunes by themselves to be appealing but chocolate makes everything better. 8-)


This recipe sounds wonderful and I heartily agree with your line of questioning about why prunes are so unpopular. I've recently seen themrenamed in advertisements to dried plums.But I have to say, I never heard the ter "digestive coaxing" before,and cannot wait to bring it up in conversation.


You did a fantastic job on the roll cake! I wish I'd have thought of Prune and Armagnac Buttercream, it sounds delicious. But, I like prunes. ;) I'm sorry you didn't like it much, but I'm glad you tried it. Thanks for baking along with me this week!


We loved this cake even with the prunes. But I did not tell my co-workers what was in it and they guessed raisens. So all was good. Your cake is beautiful!


Awesome job on the cake!!


Your posts always crack me up!!!!

Beautiful job on your cake...it is gorgeous!!!

P.S. Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am a prune hater.:(

Madam Chow

Incredibly creative and hilarious (as usual!). I LOVE prunes. Maybe people like me make up for all the folks who don't!


You did a fantastic job!!!!! WOW! Great idea too!
I didnt make it this week. Not because I don't like prunes. I am one of the select few who actually really like prunes.


well, it looks beautiful. Sorry you guys didn't like this one


So smart with the buttercream- it looks fantastic all rolled up.
I can see that whole scenario going down - can hear it even. Poor Jack.
Prunes are a grandma fruit for sure. Nice call.


Your cake came out so pretty. It's such a shame you did all the work and didn't like it. I hate it when that happens!


Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought the prunes in the cake sounded good! (And when I made it, I thought they tasted good, too).

You are brilliant and brave to make the buttercream AND a jelly roll cake. I've never made "real" buttercream, or attempted to do a roll cake, either!


a roll cake! how innovative. and you sure are harsh with your bf. haha. i force feed my boyfriend too sometimes when I'm eager for him to try something. haha.

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