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March 24, 2009


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Sounds like you and I have a lot in common...I always bite off more than I can chew when I cook for people! Then I also yell at my husband and somehow it becomes his problem too.

Anyway, glad the cake was a hit with the family! It looks delicious :)


The cake looks absolutely perfect!!


Your crumb cake looks great! I'm glad your brunch went well!!!!


I can see why this was such a hit...it looks so perfect and so very very beautiful! Great job. Your family stories are always such fun!


Glad your brunch went well! The cake looks great, I always add cinnamon when I make it and I use almonds and mixed berries.


Oh gosh -- I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS with going way overboard. I end up totally stressed whenever we have anyone over, because I try to make too much. And I always end up griping at my hubs, as if he planned the menu. AH, good times. That said, I'd like to have brunch at your house, because you put on quite the spread. Can't wait to read about the pancakes. And your crumb cake looks fabulous!


Carrot cake pancakes? is there even such a recipe? *swoons*.. the cake looks utterly desirable. You did such a fantastic job!


I do the same thing when I host holidays for my family. I make a TON of food and worry about every little thing.

Your cake looks great and I'm dying to see the carrot cake pancakes recipe. I love pancakes.

Hornedfroggy of My Baking Heart

Oooh, yummy looking pics! :) Great job!!


Okay, how did you get yours to look so moist? It looks fantastic! That's one thing I thought it lacked (at least mine), was a moist crumb. Wow - definitely an ambitious menu! I admire people who take that stuff on! Nicely done!!!

Sugar B

That is some crumb cake you have there, pretty lady!

It looks moist and so blueberry!

My first attempt didn't go too well so I had to make another one.

You have to invite me over to the next brunch party. I am a total pancake freak. :)


I just love reading your posts! I can hardly wait to show it to my hubby! He thinks I am the only one who acts like a madwoman when I am cooking. Then, a saint when I am serving. Ha. I do the same thing planning and cooking. Your picture is perfect. It really showcases the cake. I can hardly wait to try it.


As complicated as a crumb cake sounds it has a simple elegance to it. And your looked awesome.

Oh - and are you sure you weren't talking about my family?


Are we related? Because that's my dad's biggest gripe - the food is always cold, no matter how hard I bust my butt to get everything on the table.

And yes, I think we all bite off more than we can chew. It's a girl thing......


Your cake looks fantastic. I'm glad it was a hit with your family. I'm like you I try to make too much and then it stress out in the kitchen.

Carrot cake pancakes sound delicious. Were those the ones you made for your family? or did you make traditional ones?


your brunch menu sounds fantastic, i'd be thrilled with that!


I'm glad the cake was a hit! It's so hard not to want to show off the skills when baking/cooking for family.


I love your original menu for the brunch. I agree, once you get going in the kitchen it's hard to stop. And occasionally yell. Happy to hear your family liked this recipe.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

This cake looks so delicious and I love that there are so many blueberries - yum!


This is a really tasty recipe, especially the topping! I agree the cake part was a little lacking in flavor, good idea to add extra spice.

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