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February 14, 2009


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Carol Peterman

You made the right call going with a cream cheese frosting! That photo looks so good!


I just adore cupcakes! I love how you tried to bridge the great cupcake divide with these creations:) happy heart day!


Dude? Magnolia does red velvet with buttercream? *shaking head* That aint right! Glad to see you didn't give into the NY hype and went with the cream cheese frosting. To be honest I am a Cali girl but I've only had Sprinkles once. I love cupcakes as much (if not more) than the next person but $4/cupcake is way overpriced for this frugal-ista. Esp when I can make my own at home. But if I made Katie Holmes-Cruise money, maybe I'd eat Sprinkles more though ;)


Cute cupcakes! I haven't had Magnolia or Sprinkles cupcakes! I guess I am out of the loop!


Clearly, I am out of touch with the latest in bi-coastal fashion. I never even heard off either establishment. I vote for your version which I will eat while wearing a pair of Prada slip-ons and will wash it down with a very dry martini.


I think I will try Magnolia's red velvet cupcakes. I've had the recipe for a long time now but yours looks so luscious, I can't wait to taste it now!

Carolyn Jung

Wow, Sprinkles won over Magnolia? I've only had Magnolia's once, and unfortunately, it wasn't a Red Velvet. But I definitely liked their standard chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Sprinkles? They're adorable. But they are sooooooo achingly sweet. Too much so for me.


Yum Yum...when you coming to my house to make some of these?!


Thanks for posting this, Teanna.. I tried a red velvet recipe last week and it was way too dry for my tastes. How moist were these?


I really love the look of these, i have never tried red velvet cupcakes or cake before. Does it matter if you add the vanilla into the batter with the eggs or does it have to go in with the colouring and cocoa? Also, what kind of food colouring are you using? I've never been able to get anything of mine that red before, i have tried :)
Thanks, i'm so eager to try these!


I'm pretty sure Magnolia's doesn't use a standard buttercream frosting on their Red Velvets (it's my favorite by far); compared with their usual vanilla frosting (i.e. the ones on their chocolate and vanilla cupcakes), it's a completely different texture, and not nearly as sweet. Judging from the number of "Magnolia's Bakery Red Velvet Cupcake" recipes available on the 'net, I'm also (unfortunately) sure that they haven't leaked their recipe. That being said, your picture for the hybrid looks just like Magnolia's - I can't wait to try it :-)


Thanks for the comment, Taeko! The recipe is actually from their cookbook! Check it out here, it is great!



to give you the west coast vote - sprinkles are MORE than worth it! :)


Sprinkles will always win, hands down. I, the biased California girl that I am, think Sprinkles is completely worth the money and the half a gas tank. But I am intrigued by Magnolia's, which I definitely plan to try during my trip there for New Years.


Another vote for Sprinkles.

I'm an east coaster and had a chance to try Sprinkles in Palo Alto, CA. Fantastic. I didn't try the more popular flavors - I had an orange and a lemon coconut. Let me say that if the other flavors are as subtle and spot on as these were, they should be pretty good also. Not every bakery can pull off an orange cupcake. (And who is saying that these are too sweet? Are you sure you had a Sprinkles?)

I'll be checking out Magnolia in a few weeks - my cupcake passion has been fired up.

Those of you using the recipe from Magnolia's cookbook need to be heedful of the warning I got from a professional baker - cookbooks like these will always have a slight modification to the proprietary recipe. Thre is a reason that things never taste quite like the original. (It's not you.)


I agree with Patti... whenever a chef/restaurant/bakery "leaks" a recipe, or straight-out publishes it, there are always a few slight modifications. I know one chef who will just omit one simple (but very important) ingredient. Hence the term "secret ingredient".

Still, I am excited to try the recipe; I'm a big fan of the Magnolia cupcake, but their frosting didn't impress me. I'm looking forward to this version. I think I'm going to make it into a cake for NYE though... thoughts? Thanks!



I tried this recipe and came out flat and too dense. I was wondering what went wrong? Any tips on making these? Thanks :)

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I made this recipe last night. By far the best red velvet cupcakes I've ever had! I've had magnolia's, which are good, but this icing blows them out of the water.

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