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February 26, 2009


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These look like the most ridiculously delicious cupcakes ever (with the possible exception of your red velvet cupcakes). I would try these today if I wasn't worried about eating the whole batch by myself!


I can't wait to make these, I usually don't like frosting, but I LOVE Nutella!



I must make these!
You are beyond cool!


Holy crap that's brilliant! I gotta try this recipe. Yum!


Your second picture actually made my heart skip a beat. I am not even a little bit kidding. I am making these as soon as humanly possible.


I've made these before. They're wonderfully delicious. I may have to make them again.


OMG, how do people think of this stuff? It sounds fabulous!


oh my gosh!! i made these YEARS ago when they were all the rage in the food blog world but haven't made them since ... i must make them soon. thanks for reminding me - they look so delicious.

food librarian

Cupcakes and Nutella. A match made in heaven!


Oh my goodness... these sound AMAZING. I love nutella, and how can you go wrong with cupcakes. Thanks for posting! I'll have to try these.

Tangled Noodle

Ooooh! This sounds too good to actually exist and yet here they are before my eyes. Too bad they're not in my stomach -yet.


Those are out of control. My thighs do not thank you. Nutella is the best stuff ever.

Sweet Freak

Seriously?? Nutella cupcakes? It's hard to imagine many things that could be better...

Trish Lathourakis

I really am craving these now. Just went out for Italian and ordered a nutella pizza which had the thinnest layer of nutella. We asked for more and they said they had run out, which is ridiculous.....so disappointing.

....and now I look and these and wish I stayed home to cook.

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Holy crap that's brilliant! I gotta try this recipe. Yum!

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Anyone here had anyone tried this with egg replacer instead of eggs? I have lots of friend that dont eat eggs, and would love to spoil them with these cupcakes they sound simply divine!

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OMG, how do people think of this stuff? It sounds fabulous!

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