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February 18, 2009


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You need to at least take the chicken on a few dates before giving it that kind of rubdown, Teanna. But that's the kind of stuff they don't tell you in the cookbooks. Also, it could be that poultry elitism at play -- is it possible that you accidentally got one of those prima donna chickens from Bresse, and it needed a little extra love? In any event, it looks like you all had fun, and I bet the chicken tasted great!


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I think it's awesome you are cooking with us in spirit.

Wow - butter and oil?! That's intense. Other than the limp skin, sounds like it was delicious.

Nancy (n.o.e.)

Love the post! It's great that you are cooking through the (expensive) book together. My husband and I cook on weekends sometimes and it's fun. We usually tackle something a bit more difficult that the easy stuff I usually throw together. Glad your chicken was tasty, but crisp skin would have been a bonus.

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did you get the awards I gave you? Stop by and pick them up when you can!

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Wow - butter and oil?! That's intense. Other than the limp skin, sounds like it was delicious.


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