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January 27, 2009


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OMG! That is one of my favorite episodes!!! Love it!
Your gingerbread looks awesome!!! You are a true Ginger Kid!!! :)


I love the South park reference! Too funny!! I want to try the cookies!


Im glad you liked the gingerbread. Thanks for the non fat gingerbread cookie recipe, Im going to try it!


Ooh, looks great! So moist!


This was a great recipe.


I love the way you always have some cute new word in your blog. Ginger-itis? Your gingerbread looks very moist and good!!


OMG - South Park - I can't even pick a favourite there are simply too many...brilliant to link it in with baking though - just brilliant!


I'm glad you liked it. It was really, really good.

(I loved that episode--but my favorite is the Awesome-O one. :P)


I'm glad this one helped you overcome your dislike of ginger. =) It looks great.


Too funny! I am glad you liked the bread/cake too. I really want to try your cookies from the previous post!

Sugar B

Hey Ginger Lady! HA! Love the SP reference. You have the funniest titles.

The gingerbread looks awesome. Hook it up.


Those cookies look delish! I can't wait to try them. Great job on the gingerbread and congratulations on a newfound ginger habit.


Cute post, Teanna. Thanks for the link to the cookies. They sound pretty darned good. I loved this cake and I wasn't so sure I would. I'm glad I made it, that's for sure. Looks fabulous here!

Kelly D

Very funny post. Dorie converted me with this and with the carrot cake, which I always avoided in the past because carrots are NOT dessert. You should go back for that one.


Your gingerbread looks so moist and tasty! I think baking it as a loaf was a great idea.
If you make this again, you should try the ginger infused whipped cream, the recipe is next to the cake recipe, and it's sooooo good.


I never thought that I'd see someone tie South Park in with a Dorie recipe! That's great that you like ginger now - be sure to give the sushi ginger a try next time!


lol, that is a great episode! :) your gingerbread looks delish... and thanks for the nonfat cookie recommendation, i need some healthier stuff!! :)


Okay, these photos are really wonderful...maybe I was too quick to judge that recipe. You sure you don't like ginger? But you like this? Okay, might have to rethink this. Great post.


I'm glad you have a newfound love for ginger! I think it would actually be really good as a loaf, great idea!


love your post:) ahhh, i always secretly wished i was a ginger head/carrot top after watching and reading *anne of green gables.*

and THANK YOU for the cookie link--just what i need to satisfy my sweet tooth this winter:)

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