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December 09, 2008


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I think they are adorable.

At least you decorated yours.


Your cookies look so nice!


I think they came out great! And you do have to watch out for Santa....


You know, now that I have little ones I watch way too many kiddie shows, both the new crap and the older stuff. And the differences are just jarring. Nasty Santa from Rudolph is a prime example -- can you imagine that Santa showing up today? No. Another example -- the stepsisters on Cinderella are not just mean, but ugly. The uglyness is heavily emphasized. Today, we leave the ugly part out of it. In any event, your cookies are the opposite of ugly -- they are beautiful and festive looking, and hopefully got you back in the holiday spirit after nasty Rudolph Santa sucked it out of you.


First, your cookies are works of holiday art. Second, I'm with you on Rudolph Santa. I see that whole show as a parable of how we treat people who are different. Red nose? Cover it up. Hate making toys like all of the other boys and secretly want to be a dentist? Best run away. Toys that are less than perfect? Leave right now and get on the next boat or plane to the Isle of Misfit Toys. I watched that show every year when I was a kid. No wonder I'm a mess!


I LOVE what you did with these!!! They are so adorable! I would have to agree that going back and forth from DC to NY would kick the crap out of anyone. I'm 35 and going to the grocery store kicks the crap out of me sometimes! HA!


your cookies are sooooooo adorable!!! i would never have been able to decorate them so wonderfully! And yes, weekly b/w NY and DC is killer .. I know ppl at work who do it and I can't imagine having to!


Bad Santa!!!

Lovely cookies!!!

stephanie clark

Oh wow!! Your cookies look so stunning! I love all the shapes and colors, very, very nice job! Happy holiday baking


A 6-year-old? I think not. Those are simply lovely, and I shudder to think how much time they must have taken. How can you bear to eat them?


Ohh I love your cookies. I really want to be able to make cookies like that! Love the candy cane. And since I haven't seen Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer in years, how bad it is. I won't put that one on my christmas list of things to do though!


wow! they look amazing, you really went all-out :) beautiful result!


These are so cute! Please. I love the painting. And Santa ... I'm thinking he needs a good laxative in that cartoon. Cranky mofo!


I think your cookies look great! My almost 6-year-old would love the opportunity to paint cookies, but I'm not sure I have the patience to let her do it... =)


Are you kidding? Your cookies look like they belong in a cookie store! Great job--I love the creativity! Can't believe you had the patience to capture so much detail :)

I used to live in DC. I did the DC-NYC back-and-forth thing all the time. Totally hear you on it kicking the crap out of a person!!


These are too cute to eat! Great work on the decorating!

Sugar B

Good job on those mad decorating skills! :) HAHA, Santa's a d*ck. I am sure he had his reasons. ;)


Beautiful cookies! They look professional to me! I used to live in Burke, Va. I can imagine the trip from DC-NYC must be grueling.


Your cookies look fabulous. We watch Rudolph every year... and I can't even believe that I never saw it the way you did. But yeah... you're right on about that Santa. I'll probably still watch... but boo for mean Santa.


OMG I love festive colorful Christmas cookies. Strong Work! They are definitely art to be proud of. Without a doubt. And a huge investment in time. Thanks for showing us your fun cookies. I liked them too.

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