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October 07, 2008


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How about just Slap My Ass Cause I like it? Nah, that would be distasteful. These look YUM!! I may have to make a cupcake version!


Wow, that's awesome. Just. Awesome. Love the filled cupcake version, except it might cause me to make this again. Evil little cakes.


Arrgghhh I typed up a comment and your blog ate it. My memory is crap so there's no way I'll remember what I wrote. Just be assured it was funny and witty.
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


Yeah, I ate a lot of the batter too, soooo good. And the caramel too, OMG. Anyhoo, I will be making caramel filled cupcakes pretty soon after seeing your pics! :)


Your little cupcakes and caramel look delicious.. I like your ideas of making them into cc! I did not try the caramel topping after reading all the problems others were having...

April B

Your post titles are so awesome I have to stiffle my laughter at work.

Love the filled cupcakes! I have got to try that someday. After I ate a slice of cake + a scoop of ice cream I swear gained a pound.


Wow, it all looks divine! YUM! I love the cupcake creativity! :)


I love the little caramel filled cupcakes. They look super tasty


LOL!! You were so smart not to turn away, though -- I did turn away and the result was not pretty. I definitely don't have the patience or focus required to make caramel. I love your cupcakes -- look at those sweet caramel drips! They look perfect! Your brulee tarts look great, too!

Amy (Sing for your supper)

Oooh yummy!! Your little cakes look delicious!!


I agree - super, super batter. Love the minis!!


I love the little cupcakes! Great idea as I thought this was hard to slice with the caramel on top.


Oh...it just looks so good.


You crack me up! I love the caramel-filled cupcake idea. I would eat all of those in one sitting, no lie! I want to go make those right now.

Sugar Betty

Your blog cracks me up (in a good way). Your cuppies need to back dat azz up. They look friggin awesome. I ended up making three mini cakes for mine. Tastes like Payday, doesn't it?


I love, Love, LOVE your way of putting things and I am absolutely smacking my lips at the sight of your little cakes and your brulee tarts!!! Fantastic!


Great post. The little cakes look great and I love that you filled them with more caramel! I am definitely going to get this caramel right. And when I do, you can be sure that there will be a post about it!


I love the mini cakes! So adorable. You are hilarious!!


I love the mini cakes! So adorable. You are hilarious!!


I love the mini cakes! So adorable. You are hilarious!!

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