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September 30, 2008


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Hilarious about the elves. They always were a little mischievous. Sorry about your camera cord and your hectic schedule and your blow torch scream. Thanks for making me laugh!


You are so funny! I think it's mostly like those evil elves.


That's hilarious about the torch. Your brulee looks wonderful!


I love the idea of little graham cracker creme brulee tartlettes! Fantastic idea! Hope you get your camera sorted soon. I'd be going crazy without mine!


Damn girl. I think I would have thrown in the towel after I couldn't find my camera cord. Glad you got the torch working and you didn't spontaneously combust b/c that would have been bad. HAHA. btw I am jealous of your iphone skills. I want an iphone so bad but AT&T won't let me upgrade early and I refuse to pay $599! $199 is more doable but when you bump it up $400, well thats just greedy! Ooops! Sorry off topic. Creme brulee looks sweet. Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


Graham cracker creme brulee? I think I could have eaten 20 too! And I'm jealous of your torch now :)


Whoa! You take better pictures with your iPhone than I take with a regular camera! I am LOL about your torch-filling/butane experience -- Amanda and I had the SAME PROBLEM! The things we do for the sake of our art. And that's what your custards are, my friend, pure art!

Madam Chow

I think I would have paid good money to see you with that torch!


hehe. i was rather frightened at the thought of the flame leaking back into the gas tank actually. But seems like you handled yours pretty fine! Better luck with the photos next time. They sure sound good though!


Hey your pictures still look pretty good for using a iphone. You have some skills. I love your brulee! Keep away from that torch.

Sugar Betty

HAHA! You're hilarious. Iron Man with the torch?! AWESOME. I am glad you had fun with the creme brulee. I sure did with mine! Good job and I will stop by again. btw, the cupcake on my title bar is peanut butter cupcakes with pb frosting dipped in chocolate sprinkles. You likey? :D


Those damn elves!!! :)


Thanks for the good laugh about you and the torch. Oh, and the butane, too!! Glad you enjoyed your creation.


You're so hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh! I'm so glad you got to use your blowtorch!


Thanks for your kind words.

Your brûle looks delicious! I just bought a blow torch. Thanks for the tips!


LOL! Love the Robert Downey Jr. visual. Riotous! This blow torch sounds way too fun to pass up -- I've gotta get one now!

April B

Love your story, I *would* have set myself on fire. Your brulee looks yummy, especially with the smores comparison.


AHHH - girl with fire!!!! I would love to know how you did the crusts - or, more to the point, I would like to know if you just did a regular crust inside the ramekin and then poured the creme brulee mixture on top of it.


As always you made me laugh! The elves are to funny! Your brulee looks yummy, maybe you should send the pics to Steve and ask him what he can do about it?

Carol Peterman

The power of flame! I am glad you finally broke in your torch. How many of our future TWD items will have a nice dark singe across the top because we just can't put down the torch!

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