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July 15, 2008


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Teanna-you totally out did yourself on this one. Gorgeous presentation. This goes way beyong pudding-you made it grown up and gourmet. YUM!


Whoa, Baby, what an awesome idea. I do love a Nutella sandwich, too. My mom STILL puts a jar in my Christmas stocking. ;)


Wow...this is some spectacular dessert. I am sure you could get this onto a 5 star menu anytime. Nice job of presenting it so nicely and making it all sound good (okay, you know I don't like chocolate, but if I did, this would definitely be a winner...my family will love seeing these photos...oh, wait, better not do that or they will want ME to make this...a girl can take only so much chocolate). Great job, great photos, great write-up.

April B

Wow, that sounds and looks amazing! I'm a Nutella lover too, a restuarant around here serves a Nutella-Banana crepe that is to die for!


OMG! This looks ab so lu te ly gorgeous!


OMG, that layered pudding looks phenomenal! Great idea and beautiful pics!

Mary Ann

Wow- what a great choice for all the flavors! Sounds delicious and looks sooo good!

Madam Chow

OMG (I sound like all your commenters.) I swear, I must have gained three pounds from that top photo!

Holly @ PheMOMenon

That layered glass looks so incredible! Great job!


Ummm...yummmm! Looks wonderful!


yum, pudding parfait!! :) looks gorgeous!


Agreed. NEWtella is a separate food group. Love that stuff. Pudding looks fab. Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


good lord that looks good. wow.


Wowwww...this looks SO good!
i loved how you added the cookies on top, looks like a perfect, and yummmy garnish!


That looks incredible!


Your presentation is beautiful! Good job on the pudding! I love Nutella and have pasted on Nutella sandwiches to my little one to enjoy!


Nice flavour combos, espeically nutella! Thanks for you comment on my blog. Honestly, its been such a stressful time for me that I feel like I can't eat.. now even after seeing all the wonderful pudding pictures. Usually commenting on TWDs trigger a craving of sweets for me!


Great story! Your first picture is AMAZING!! Looks so, so, so delicious. I must admit, I've only recently been introduced to Nutella within the last few years. Tasty stuff! Good job.


I'm so impressed! Three versions!! And oh, yeah, I love Nutella, too. Excellent job.

Heather B

yum! It looks delicious! Great job!

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