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July 29, 2008


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Sorry you had such a tough time with these, I think your flavor combos sound amazing, I'm especially lovin the summer strawberry nutella variation :) The last one looks great, and I think it was just the leaky filling that made the earlier ones look ummm a touch less than beautiful.


they are beautiful! a galette is a rustic looking dessert. and yours look better than mine! Who cares what they look like? Close your eyes and enjoy the flavors.

Or donate them to your local blind school? ;)

it's all feedback. take what you learned here and grow. you're a better cook already!


I'm so glad you said the kiwi cooked well. I'm definitely making this again with the tropical fruits next time.

I think your galettes came out great, the fruit and flavor combos you did look wonderful. I'll have to try the strawberry and nutella too, my husband loves nutella.

Great job!


Your so funny! I love your galettes. Im sure they taste wonderful!


Tropical fruits ~ what a great idea! I think your galettes look great :)


These look very wonderful...each and every one of them. Your photos are great. I love your writing...I have had the same problem with you-know-who also and I have taken to copy and pasting my post into an email before I hit "save" so when it gets eaten (maybe it just likes Dorie's food is all I can think), then I can easily post it from the email..a lot less time than doing it again. Good luck with that. Your food looks amazing!


I loved reading your post! I think your galette looks perfect and bet it was tasty too!


your galettes look great! they are supposed to look that way;)


Strawberry and nutella??!!! OH MY GOSH. My stomach immediately started saying "grrrrrr" when I read those words, just like one of Pavlov's little dogs.

Your galettes are gorgeous! Isn't that what they're supposed to look like? I've been checking all the blogs of the Whisk Wednesday members who are also TWD bakers and yours look just like theirs, so no worries. I think they look perfectly delicious, and you are such a fun and entertaining writer. I love your posts!


Oh, don't worry! Food is for eating, right? Enjoy your delicious galettes, who cares what they look like (and they don't look half bad!)


I think they look great, especially the last one. They're supposed to be rustic, which can mean messy!


Your too cute! Lots of peoples oozed. it's okay! great fruits though!! And thanks for baking with the GALS!!


I just started laughing, and laughed all the way through your post! All your combos sound delicious, so that's what really matters.


OH, I feel your pain, recipe troubles and blogging troubles in one day. Go ahead and curse, you've earned it. BTW, they still look yummy to me.

Madam Chow

They look pretty good to me, and they tasted good, which is the most important thing!

Madam Chow

They look pretty good to me, and they tasted good, which is the most important thing!


You are so creative, I love your flavor combinations. What a great post, I'm glad you could finally upload everything! :)


you sure are a perfectionist. the galettes look wonderful as it is. and i salute you on your various combinations! how creative!

Michele (Alwayzbakin)

I think it looks beautiful. The powdered sugar makes it look very dainty.


I agree this was an emotional experience, especially the part where you pull your formerly cute galette out of the oven for the second time and find a ghastly beast has taken its place.

But in the end, taste is all that matters, and yours look like they taste AWESOME!

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