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July 30, 2008


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I used shrimp too, and brandy. Cognac is just and appellation of origin, like champagne. I am happy that you were brave and tried this recipe, the soup looks very good and the quenelles look perfect. The toast with brie sounds pretty good too!


Okay, this keeps eating my comment post...or you have five of them stacked up there somewhere....grrrrr...

Great job, great photos, great post...I think your soup and bread look very very good.

Happy to hear of the return of the car, the dog, and the boyfriend...I love your posts each week.

Okay...am trying again, and if it eats it this time, I will just assume it is trying to get to your soup and not having any luck!


That restaurant you mentioned sounds amazing. I love your description of how it's presented. I want to try making this soup with shrimp instead. I'm sure it tastes just as good! That brie on toast sounds delicious!
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Glennis - Can't Believe We Ate

Ok...I'm encouraged! We both found an underlying bitterness... That means my addition of tomato paste and paprika likely isn't the cause... We both used shrimp...that wasn't it. The quenelles didn't have the bitterness. What kind of wine did you use? I used a sauvignon blanc. Maybe a Pinot grigio would have been a better choice? Hey...why didn't we think to use champagne? Truly, this would be a good use of left-over, flat champagne. Bravo to you for your bravery and welcome to WW!! The bisque looks lovely!


I've never asked lobster in a restaurant... but I do understand what you say... for example when I ask for a mixed tempura (which is suppoused to have veggies AND shrimps) I get like only one little shrimp and the rest pure veggies!
The bisque looks amazing!

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