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July 24, 2008


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I think I remember those Magic Middles, thanks for the commercial, fun walk down memory lane! Your cookies look amazing and I bet they taste much better than anything those elves could whip up :)


The sound of chocolate and peanut butter together makes me want to whip up a batch of these... but I won't because I'm the biggest peanut butter lover. Who knows how many of these I'll end up eating!


My 2nd weddign anniversary is coming up, and I need to pack a picnic for us for one of the days when we are staying in Mendacino CA at our B&B. I think I'll tuck thse into our basket! Wonderful, thanks!


Oooh boy...those look dangerous. I guess that means we'll have to give them a try soon!


those look delish!

Cathy C

I am agreeing - These look like the best cookies everrrrrrrrrrrr. Love it



Aw, they do kinda look like raviolis... Delicious peanut buttery goodness-filled raviolis.

J for Kitchen Confit

Sounds sinfully delicious!! My friends and I used to eat chocolate peanut butter pie and by the looks of it, these might be the cookie equivalent.


Haha, Vanilla-ey...Don't you just love the way boys describe things? Complicated beings that they are ;) Your cookies sound absolutely divine!


I have a recipe for cookies that are like the reverse of these - chocolate on the outside, peanut butter in the middle - but the peanut butter filling is much less involved than the peanut butter exterior for these, PLUS those ones don't have a coating of cinnamon sugar or anything. These look FANTASTIC.


I have tried chocolate cookies with PB in the middle..and I love them...so now I can't wait to try these! Thanks!


Any cookie with deliciousness hidden in the middle sounds like my kind of recipe. :)

Just did a little ditty myself on some such cookies - check it out:

Will have to try your recipe out!

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